Fifth Sunday of Easter: “The Emergence of Love”


“The Emergence of Love” Painting: Ronald Raab, CSC

The Emergence of Love


Today’s gospel (John 13: 31- 33a, 34-35) gives us another chance to reflect on God’s love for us. We grow in love when God’s love is shared with other people. We change from darkness to light, from hatred to love.


We remember the Last Supper today when Jesus invites us to wash feet and remember him with bread and wine.


We remember from the Lenten season the Pharisees standing around the adulterous woman and we know that we remain a church and a society of stone throwers.


We remember the Prodigal Son coming home and his father running to great him on the path. We remain a people who only stubbornly forgive.


The Book of Revelation reminds us that the old order will pass and something new will happen.


Our lives emerge in love in the Easter Season. Jesus’ resurrection invites us into something new where love is real. Forgiveness takes time. Washing the feet of people is ongoing. Sharing love never ends.


We emerge from bigotry, hatred, violence, despair, from stone throwing and a lack of forgiveness, and loneliness only in the love of Christ Jesus.

1 thought on “Fifth Sunday of Easter: “The Emergence of Love”

  1. Amazing sermon Sunday morning, Thank You. We are all “stone throwers”. The challenge and the gift is how we turn our “stones” to “bread”. Peace, my friend.

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