Sacred Arts Showcase: Saturday May 14, 2016

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Please join us for our second, “Sacred Arts Showcase” this Saturday, May 14 from 4pm until 9pm. in our parish center at Sacred Heart Church. Bring some canned goods as a donation. Our art will be on sale, $10-$50. The proceeds go back to our art program.

Lisa, our art teacher will be moving back to Washington, DC in June to take care of family. I am so grateful for her presence in our parish community these past years. We had over 70 students this past year. Lisa has worked with our Holy Cross novices for over a dozen years. I will miss her as my art teacher and friend.

Hope you can join us on Saturday. The art will also be showcased after Masses at Sacred Heart Church on Sunday morning.



1 thought on “Sacred Arts Showcase: Saturday May 14, 2016

  1. OMG!! The FIRE!!! We must talk about this!! What can the folks in the pews wear to shield them from the blinding, all consuming fire of the Spirit at the Eucharist?–or is it meant to be felt to the core and be the fuel for our journey’s mission??–smoke billowing behind, full steam ahead–A

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