“It’s not about the art…”


Lisa, Annie and Sheri

“It’s not about the art…”

Easter ended yesterday. Pentecost pushes us out of the nest of Easter joy and compels us to move into the world. Pentecost red turns now into Ordinary green. Time to get busy.

Yesterday we broke down the art show after a very successful Saturday night. We said goodbye to Lisa who has taught us that drawing and painting is not about the art. The art is a way to get at the healing we need because we are always in transition. The art is self-expression. The art is a way to offer the world our fragile voices. The art is a way to be vulnerable enough to need community, to release shame, to offer our true lives and creativity in the world. Art is a way to rely on the Holy Spirit. Art is an act of faith.

This picture shows the core group of our art program after we cleaned up. We started two years ago to create art classes with Lisa because we wanted art as a way toward faith and self-expression. Lisa encouraged over 70 students this year.

Picture: Lisa (now moving on), Annie (our new teacher), and Sheri and myself are dedicated students.

I finally have the courage to paint. I have always been attracted to artists. I see a spark in them. I see the Holy Spirit create in them. However, I never saw myself as worthy of such a gift. So thanks to Lisa, I now claim my own life within the common world of people who create with paint and pencil and who don’t care about the outcome. Faith and art are really cool things. It is not about the art. Thanks Lisa.



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