The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


“The Sacred Heart of Jesus” Sketch by: Ronald Raab, CSC

The priests of the Congregation of Holy Cross are consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We seek the Heart of Jesus so to be converted in love, mercy and forgiveness.

Jesus addressed this parable to the Pharisees and scribes: “What man among you having a hundred sheep and losing one of them would not leave the ninety-nine in the desert and go after the lost one until he finds it?…

On Monday, Memorial Day, our parking lot at Sacred Heart Church was packed with people attending Territory Days in Old Colorado City. Our Knights of Columbus collected donations for parking throughout the weekend. However, on Monday they noticed a child left in a car. The little boy was crying and curled up in the back seat. The parents had left the child alone in a hot car. The police attended the situation and we do not know what happened after the father came back to the car.

I am deeply saddened by this event in our own parking lot. This is just another glimpse of how our children are abandoned. My heart goes out to this little boy because I really fear what happens to him when the police are not watching the family at home.

The strays are everywhere. We do not have to go far to witness this gospel today. People with disabilities, people with mental illness, people living with addictions, people addicted to drugs, porn or power, all need our attention and prayer. Real people are shunned, abandoned and left alone, from our elderly to our children.

Love conquers all. I must believe this. The Heart of Jesus changes us to become people who love more than we judge, who love more than we condemn, who love more than we pursue our intellect, who love more than we hate.

I invite you into the Heart of Jesus today. Rest with Jesus. Believe again that life is worth living. Believe that love overcomes all obstacles.

I am grateful today that I am the pastor of Sacred Heart Church. I pray today for our parish community. I pray for a place of compassion and mercy.

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