Column from parish bulletin

July 3, 2016

Dear Believers,

Today’s gospel (Luke 10:1-12, 17-20) continues to challenge us in the ways we follow Jesus. Jesus tells us that the harvest is abundant but laborers are few. So back up only a few belongings and get with the program. Go out with no money bag, no sandals and greet no one along the way. There is work to do and the gospel to proclaim.

Jesus tells us that, “Peace” needs to be proclaimed in the household that is visited. “Peace” is also the first word that Jesus proclaims after the resurrection when the disciples were locked in a room in fear. The gospel proclaims this peace as we go out to proclaim the Kingdom of God. Peace is key to discovering the love and mercy of Jesus.

This holiday weekend brings travel, job changes and a new fiscal year. Transitions in July include family vacations or more quiet time. Peace is something that we not only desire but also must live in our country and world. We are grateful for our own country, especially this weekend. Peace in our day is not easy to come by.

We welcome all who are visiting the Tri-Community this weekend. We are glad you are praying with us. Please take us with you and continue to pray for us wherever you call home. I hope you enjoy your time at the Eucharist with us.

I hope that you will get to enjoy your family this weekend, enjoy a vacation or retreat. Get some rest. Read a real book. Listen to your grandparents. Pray with your kids. Offer ice cream to someone whom needs your forgiveness. Breathe deeply. Hike a trail. Sleep in. Laugh with a friend. Be grateful for your life. Call, don’t text. Visit an art gallery. Create something. Write in your journal. Finger-paint a picture. Eat sweet corn and at least two burgers. We need to fill our lives with leisure as well as work. We need downtime in order to discover God’s saving and loving life in our lives. We need perspective in order to discover how we cling to God’s mercy and hope for our lives. We need balance and healthy relationships.

Enjoy the weekend. Enjoy your search for integrity and prayer. Pray for peace in our day and time. Our Independence Day calls us all to reflect on our role to bring peace to our world and nation. We are grateful for our veterans in our parish community who have served our nation. We pray for them and their families. We always pray for peace…

I want to share with you one of my litanies that is published in “Save Us, Send Us: Praying with Litanies” published from World Library Publications, Chicago, IL, 2013


For Peace and Justice

(Matthew 5:38-48)

 Response: O God, work your will through us.

Help us give to one another who asks:

Help us provide shelter for the weary and tired:

Help us protect the weak and the lonely:

Help us to become a better people when we serve others:


Help us walk the extra mile:

Help us listen with all of our attention:

Help us love when love seems impossible:

Help us turn the other cheek:


Help us give our extra cloaks to those who face long winters:

Help us offer our time as well as our clothing:

Help us extend our attention to all who are addicted and ill:

Help us remember the dignity of all people:


Help us claim the wounded in war:

Help us teach the children who face hunger and disasters:

Help us remember the eyes of the poor:

Help us believe you are among us in our suffering:


Help us know our responsibility to offer our gifts and talents:

Help us cling to the message of peace:

Help us put an end to war, violence and hatred:

Help us be compassionate as you are compassionate:


Blessings to you all,

Fr. Ron




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