Elie Wiesel: 1928-2016


Ellie Wiesel: 1928-2016, Impression by: Ronald Raab, CSC

Auschwitz Prisoner and Orphan. Moral Voice. Leader. Prophetic Witness to the Dignity of Life. Author. Nobel Peace Prize Winner. Believer in Humanity.

Here is a simple impression of Elie Wiesel who died on Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Elie Wiesel: 1928-2016

  1. You got the pain in his eyes–a history like that integrates organically and forms a visible identity.
    I want to draw his face also–trying to follow his journey in the topography of his last images. A

  2. Dear Ron, I remember attending Elie Weisel’s talk at Washington Hall, I think maybe it was our Junior year. There is that one passage I recall in his book, “Night”, in which the whole camp assembled to watch a little boy being hung. As they filed past his little body, someone asked “Where is God?” “He is here, hanging on these gallows”. That book moved me very deeply, and the courageous life of this one beautiful man. Great work on this portrait! -Dan

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