Rev. Nicholas Ayo, CSC, reunion

nick 2

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to connect again with my novice master, Fr. Nick Ayo, CSC at our Holy Cross Novitiate in Cascade, CO. I was in the first class of novices in Cascade in 1978-79. I really appreciated our reunion in the novitiate house after all these years. Fr. Nick lives and ministers at Notre Dame, IN.

3 thoughts on “Rev. Nicholas Ayo, CSC, reunion

  1. I saw that painting on Mon. and was wondering how you’d use it!!
    Did you notice the old orange couch from the studio in Lisa’s apt. picture? 🙂 A

  2. Father Nick Ayo was my novice master in Bennington, VT during the ’75-76. He is a wonderful priest and I will always have very fond memories of him from my CSC novitiate experience.

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