Day of Prayer for Peace

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“God, help us rest in you” Drawing: Ronald Raab, CSC

God, help us rest in you.

We are exhausted by our grief.

We ache for our families to be united around a common table.

We grieve our daughters who carry drug needles in their backpacks.

We grieve our sons who carry guns around their ankles and hatred around their hearts.

We grieve our children coming back from wars without limbs and hope.

We grieve the inner battles of emotional illness and rage.

We grieve our inability to be humble enough to see that people have dignity.

We stumble in our solutions and fall in our hardness of heart.


God, help us rest in you.

We do not know where else to turn.

We are restless in our unanswered prayers.

We are hopeless when we feel your absence.

We squirm in rage.

We fidget in our guilt.

We twist in our uncertainty.

We sweat through our sleepless nights.

We panic in our disrespect.

We struggle in our shame.


God, help us rest in you.

In your arms we find our home.

In your embrace we discover we are loved.

In your hold we rest the pain of our world.


God, help us rest in you.

Today, we pray for the peace in the healing of your embrace.



2 thoughts on “Day of Prayer for Peace

  1. Wonderful reflections, Fr. Ron. As we move into the 24th Sunday which coincides with the 15th anniversary of 9/11, we need to feel the Father’s arms more than ever. I was riding home on the bus yesterday, and I was praying for a young woman on her cellphone, having an explitive-filled conversation about family violence and hatred, praying that God could somehow touch and heal the pain many people feel. It almost sounded like the young woman could be talking to herself, poor soul. It made me think that in just looking at people, we never know what crosses they carry, what pains they endure, and I lift everything up to the Mercy of God and not pass judgement so quickly. Your drawing is also very appropriate for our “Prodigal Son” gospel this weekend! Love and peace to you, Ron! -Danny Z-man

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