Video: “God’s Doorkeeper: Saint Andre of Montreal”

Today is the memorial of Saint Andre Bessette. When Brother Andre was canonized in the Roman Catholic Church in 2010, Salt and Light Television from Toronto produced a documentary. This is a six minute clip with my reflections from the Downtown Chapel (now Saint Andre Bessette Church) in Portland, OR. I have published several articles on Andre which are also on my blog. Please pray for the healing mission of the Church and the intercession of Brother Andre. Saint Andre, pray for us.

Broken But Not Divided

On October 17, 2012, we will celebrate the second anniversary of the canonization of Andre Bessette. Saint Andre is now the patron of our parish community and a real source of inspiration for our ongoing mission of hospitality to people on the margins of society. In July of 2010, staff members of Salt and Light Television from Toronto, Canada came to our parish to film portions of our outreach ministry and our prayer. This video is a section of the documentary that speaks of our community in action. We have just recently been given permission by Salt and Light to use this video for our purposes here at Saint Andre Bessette Church.

Continue to pray for the mission of our parish community. We are still learning much about Andre’s ministry and work and how to translate his spirituality and dedication here in our time and place. I hope you enjoy…

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