The Solemnity of The Most Holy Trinity

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“The Most Holy Trinity” Painting by: Ronald Raab, CSC

Dear Believers,

The Church celebrates The Most Holy Trinity, the foundation of the relationship among the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This feast at first glance seems abstract, yet this is the foundation on which we build our lives, our faith and the Church.

In today’s gospel, John 3:16-18, we hear again that God loves us from the beginning of the world. We are created in love in order to love. During these past months, we have celebrated the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Last week, we ended the Easter season with Pentecost. This feast summarizes what we have been living and celebrating.

Our sacramental lives celebrate the Trinity. We are all baptized in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our lives of faith come from this foundation of love from the Father. We are recreated and born again in Jesus’ resurrection. We are also given ongoing hope and purpose relying on the Holy Spirit.

This concept of faith is lived out in our daily lives. When we enter our church buildings and dip our fingers into holy water and bless ourselves, we are living out the meaning of the Trinity. When we begin a meal prayer or receive absolution in the confessional, we receive the blessing of the Trinity. When we pray the Liturgy of the Hours or even the Rosary in the privacy of our home, we are connected to the life-giving action of the Trinity.

We live with courage under the banner of the Trinity as we mark our human bodies Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Living our faith daily in the events of turmoil, misunderstandings, hopelessness and ill health, we take action in the Holy Trinity. We summon the force of God’s love, compassion and hope when we believe, actively pray, and publicly witness the mark of the Trinity, not only on our bodies, but also within our human hearts and actions. Summoning the Trinity on our human bodies as we enter the church door is an act of defiance against despair. God’s love is manifest when we take this courageous step to admit our faith and live it with intention.

Here are some questions to ponder on this Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity:

Take a moment to reflect on how you begin your prayer. Do you mark your body with the Sign of the Cross? What does that action mean to you? Can you take some time this week to simply use that action for your prayer? If you pray from this sign, it might be the only prayer you really need.

Take some prayer time to reflect on how you bless others. When you tuck in your children at bedtime, do you bless them with the Sign of the Cross? What does this mean when you entrust your children with this sign of love? This is the Holy Trinity in action.

Blessings to you all— Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Fr. Ron

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