Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Cover and Column

2017 07-16

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My Dear Believers,

Casting seeds of hope is never easy. I cannot image what it feels like when a parent scatters seeds of tradition, good choices and even how to tie a shoe, just to have everything disregarded as old-fashioned and ill-fitting for a child today. I cannot image what it is like for a wife to desire a husband to hush his criticism for their teenager and the spouse ignores such a request. I cannot image when a teacher strives to cast pearls before swine, to pass on to a new generation how to work for peace and find satisfaction in it, but hears boos in the last row and gun shots out the school window. Casting love beyond your own experience may become an experience of restlessness, frustration and aggravation.

Today’s gospel is such an experience of casting love as far as we can throw it. Matthew 13:1-23 shows us that faith is cast by love. I think that we all have the hope that we can produce fruit thirty or sixty fold. Today, let us pray that the good planted within our lives may find its way to the light, to produce fruit and hope, love and peace, goodness and mercy well beyond the size of our own hearts. The good that is planted within our lives by the gospel needs a place to land, to let go and to bud forth in our generosity and passion.

We are recipients of various words being flung our way every day. Facebook, Twitter, text messages, twenty-four hour radio and television strive to get our attention and can easily be tuned out. We have choices to make, tune in or tune out.

We have many excuses not to listen to God’s Word. We don’t understand it. We have heard it before. We don’t really care. We don’t have time. We have to do our laundry. Whatever the excuse, we are missing an important tool for our conversion and inner life. God’s Word longs to make a home within our hearts. God’s Word is planted within our hearts, lives and imaginations when we finally get the point in our lives that we need God. This need or desire or openness becomes an ache within us that is only satisfied by God’s message of peace and hope. Planting, listening and receiving all take time and patience.

Here are some questions for you to consider this summer while you take some quiet time to listen to God’s Word:

What are the words that really grab your attention in any given day? How do they really affect you? How can you listen to God’s Word? How can you receive God’s consolation planted in the gospels? How can you receive God’s challenging words? How can you share God’s word with others?

Cast love as far as you can throw it.


Fr. Ron

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