Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Cover and Column

July 30, 2017 Bulletin Cover


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Dear Searchers and Seekers,

We are all searching for something. We search for a suitable job to earn a respectable living wage. We search for someone to love even if we have to move across the country or globe. We search for healing when we are diagnosed with a threatening disease. We search for hope when our children are jailed for selling drugs. We search for peace when a spouse is suspected of infidelity. We search for patience when our lives are out of control from our past abuse. We search for integrity when we know we have made an incredible mistake.

We are all searching for something. The gospel today, Matthew 13:44-52, once again uses parables to open up our search for the Kingdom of God. Searching for the Kingdom of God is like nothing else for which we search. This is not a random search. This search is not about a crazy whim or last minute decision. This search is truly about our human hearts finding and discovering the love of God.

We are all searching for something. Jesus invites us to search for the pearl of great price. When we find something of such great value, we focus on that alone. Jesus is the reason for our search. We may become distracted. We love shiny objects. However, our searching may lead to discovering aspects about our lives that do not make us proud. We may run toward having an affair because we think we are entitled to some excitement. Our searching for shiny objects, for the latest gadget or something new to get us high, usually leads us searching for something else when those things do not capture our attention any longer. Searching for the pearl of great price is about discovering the mystery of God within our lives.

We are all searching for something. The great pearl of God’s love and commitment toward us is a true treasure. This searching will never leave us in a quandary. This searching will bring us to a true relationship with Divine love and hope for our lives. When we discover the love God has for us through reflection, prayer and giving of our selves to others, we discover that the great pearl can never be taken from us. Sometimes in our searching, we do not believe that we are good enough to be loved or worthy of such attention by God. We think searching for the Kingdom is for the holy, the self-righteous and the privileged.

The something for which we all search is ultimately God. Here are some thoughts to reflect upon for this week in your own prayer and searching: I am searching for God because…. My prayer lately seems short and abrupt because… Sometimes I am impatient with personal prayer and going to Mass because… The beauty I receive in prayer from God is… I hope to discover the Kingdom of God within my heart so that… God, receive me into your deep and abiding love so…


Fr. Ron

1 thought on “Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Cover and Column

  1. Last week was truly a Pearl of Great Price moment for this Holy Cross Mom. Special Thanks to all of the Tri-Communities for their outpouring of support & generosity of gifts, from music to hospitality. It was an incredible blessing to share this special event among you & know of your ongoing prayers for these wonderful young men. I know that the year they spent not only at the Novitiate, but with all of you, has played a significant role in each of their personal journeys as it has in mine.
    Ave Crux Spes Unica! Lauren Harper-Lott (Ethan’s Mom)

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