Second Sunday of Advent 2017


John the Baptist: Painting by: Ronald Raab, CSC 2017

John, I ache to stand with you in the wilderness of my own life. My body craves to be washed in the waters you pour over me waiting for the real waters of the Spirit. Not for me to make a home in Jesus but to allow Jesus to make a home in me. I hear your call today and Isaiah’s challenge but my heart is not ready to give up on my own authority, power and self-sufficiency and my inability to pay attention and to listen, to really listen. I capture a hint of Jesus, the Savior at the end of your finger, when I give in to his shepherd’s tenderness, when I finally rest and quit hiding, when I let go and stop trying build up, when I quit resisting and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me. John, I follow your finger pointing toward the cross, your deep desire for us all to repent, your deep awareness that only your cousin brings us salvation. Today, guide me with your commanding voice, your selflessness, your un-attachments, your pure attention, your dissatisfaction to worldly goods, and your precious view of Jesus, our Savior.

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