“On Christmas” 2017

Version 2

On Christmas” 2017 Painting by: Rev. Ronald Patrick Raab, CSC


Jesus comes to us today in warm sugar cookies and chocolate squares. Jesus is revealed today in the cracks of fear as a spouse has surgery. Jesus enters the world in the tears of a mother who loses her patience with her teenager. Jesus arrives in the bitter cold after a long drive across Interstate 80 to be at the bedside of a grandfather struggling to survive to another Christmas morning. Jesus arrives burdened today with a longhaired youth carrying a backpack full of college texts. Jesus holds up a frail grandmother carrying her oxygen on her walker. Jesus arrives today along side the cozy Teddy bear under the Christmas tree with antique ornaments shimmering in the afternoon sun. Jesus embraces an old monk as he prays by candlelight in the nighttime waiting for an eternal dawn. Jesus is manifest in an unexpected text message from a former lover. Jesus makes his home in hard-crusted bread and children’s boots lined up on the blue rubber mat near the front door. Jesus comes home disguised wearing worn-out jeans and a smelly T-shirt. Jesus crosses the street with the urchin running toward the woods trying to get away from the city glitz and glam of the holidays because he is labeled a homeless teen. Jesus shifts into high gear when a tradesman packs his tools into the rusty truck and travels across the hills for work to provide food for his young children. Jesus peers today into the eyes of a grandfather facing his delusions from the severity of Parkinson’s. Jesus makes his home in war-torn Bethlehem. Jesus comes home today and rests his head on a mother’s lap as she grieves her lost son from cancer. Jesus comes and sits at a dining room table enjoying the aroma of a warm pot of homemade soup that feeds the neighbors and some strangers across the way. Jesus finds his way today to the heart of a young girl who miscarried. Jesus is seen today even in the fear and infidelity of an alcoholic priest. Today Love is Incarnate. Today is the day we know we are loved just as we are. Today is the day we believe that God so dared to journey across the heavens to find his peace and his place within our hearts. Merry Christmas.

1 thought on ““On Christmas” 2017

  1. Thank you for it all–hope you can carve out a niche of rest after those busy days–prayers for recovery and renewed strength and resolve–Love, A

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