Second Sunday of Ordinary Time: Cover art and column

Jan. 14, 2018 Bulletin Cover

The quote on the cover this week is from parishioner Anna Keating, inviting us to see art and beauty as we prepare for the restoration of the church. The visual art is from Ronald Raab, CSC


Dear Searchers for Christ,

In Today’s gospel, John once again points into the direction of Jesus with words that we still use within the Eucharist today, “Behold, the Lamb of God.” These ancient words help us today in our search for Jesus.

At every Mass, just before receiving the Real Presence of Christ, I point into the direction the Body and Blood of Jesus. My voice proclaims these words of John, the Forerunner. At that moment in the Mass we recognize what we will receive and what we will become.

I wonder if we are paying attention? Can we really see the Lamb of God in our midst today? This invitation helps us come to terms with what Eucharist is in the first place. We are all hungry for Christ and the mercy, compassion and tenderness He brings. For many of us, we have not yet established a relationship with Christ Jesus. The Eucharist is just a commodity. We show up and get communion and we have fulfilled our obligation. What else is there? We tend to think that will get us beyond our earthly grave.

As we enter into the mystery of this new liturgical year, I invite you to be ready to respond to John’s assertion that the Lord is near. In Advent, we tried to stretch our desire for God, to cultivate in a new way a deep longing for the Divine. We must continue such a search and not give up on that longing.

At Sacred Heart, we are preparing for a restored house of prayer. We wait to find the Real Presence on a new altar. I wonder if we can imagine our lives differently as we wait for the church building? I invite you to point with your entire lives into the mystery of Christ Jesus.

The reason why we pray for people in need is that we know we must rely on the power of Christ to remedy human longing. So we pray for our children who have yet to find the mystery of Jesus. We pray for people locked up in doubt or those behind bars because they have yet to find the freedom of Christ. We pray for our immigrants, our lost, our neighbors who have lost their homes in fires, because we are all looking for the safety of home and the stability of good relationships.

Here are some questions for you to consider this week as you ponder the finger pointing of John and look into a new direction for Christ:

How is the Holy Spirit inviting you to search for Jesus?

How can you enter into the suffering of others and point to Christ?

How do you experience the Eucharist as a revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ?

How might you pray with the words of Jesus this week, “Come, and you will see…?”


Fr. Ron

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