A Question based on Mark 1: 21-28 “What if all that was unclean in me cried out?”

Version 5

Painting by: Ronald Raab, CSC


What if all that was unclean in me cried out to you for healing and all the sense of being incomplete or lost was all an illusion and you called me into a deeper relationship with you and I fell under your healing touch and landed on my knees in prayer and a blanket of awe wrapped me up in your presence and other people came to believe in you because I become another person in whose body rests your presence and healing voice and tender heart and then you call me into being what the healing is for not only me but our world torn apart in the illusion that evil wins and that we all must stand alone to find love quite apart from your presence or touch or voice and what if you stood on all of the calamity of the earth and how we have created chasms rather than community and harshness rather than healing and more earthly evil instead of heavenly love and what if you touched me and I touched you and even my spirit was healed and love flowed from us both?”

5 thoughts on “A Question based on Mark 1: 21-28 “What if all that was unclean in me cried out?”

  1. I am enjoying your artwork and poetry very much. It’s full of hope with no condemnation, yet recognizing the truth of hurt and dark shadows. You celebrate the love and beauty which draws the person closer to who he or she is when walking with God – The slow and confident work of God in our lives which is transformative and redemptive. Thank you Fr. Ron.

  2. Beautiful and powerful! What if we opened our hearts unreservedly to God’s Presence and allowed His Love, Mercy, Peace, and Forgiveness to flow to each person we met? We may be completely healed and deeply converted as we focus on His Will and share Him with others. Dare we ask for this grace?

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