The Fifth Sunday of Lent: My cover art and column

March 18, 2018 Bulletin Cover

Image of Saint Joseph: Painting by: Ronald Raab, CSC  Originally published in AIM Magazine from World Library, Chicago, Illinois, Spring 2018



Dear Believers in Christ Jesus,

In today’s gospel, John 12:20-33, some Greeks who had come to worship at the Passover Feast came to Philip and asked him, “Sir, we would like to see Jesus.” This searching for Jesus caught my attention in this passage. During this Lenten season, our souls also long to see Jesus. We are all caught up in the search through our prayer, our fasting, and our alms giving.

I invite you to rest in the phrase, “We would like to see Jesus.” This request is not just a pious inquiry but a deep longing to be free of the sin, self-centeredness, and darkness of our own journey. To set our eyes on the Beloved, to search diligently for the face of the Christ, is to find for our own lives the mercy, hope and satisfaction we all long for on this side of the grave.

The gospel then challenges us to explore how to search for Jesus. We must learn from a grain of wheat. If we let go our burdens, our securities and surrender to God, we shall learn to live in great abundance. Jesus’ love is not skimpy or shallow. It is not for a precious few or timid about who can receive such compassion. We are the ones who lose sight of our desires to discover a life worth living, to discover a hope that is well beyond our own imagining. In these Lenten days, our sight is on the person of Christ. When shall you see Jesus?

We shall see Jesus…

…when we finally have the courage to speak from our hearts in prayer.

…when we learn we cannot control life or satisfy our own needs.

…when we quiet our inner life and offer our heartache to him.

…when we die like a grain of wheat and believe we shall grow in love.

…when Lent becomes an inner search for integrity and peace

…when we live His pattern of dying to self and rising in Him.

…when we admit our failures and entrust our life to God.

…when hope is not a theory but also a lived prayer in our daily lives. …

…when we have the courage to listen and not just utter formulas for prayer.

…when we reach out into the suffering of other people.

…when our hearts are broken open because of the misery of others. …

…when we come to the conclusion that we are all one in Christ.

…when we worship in community and not just pray for our own lives.

…when we die to our selfishness and learn to grow in unity and compassion.

…when tenderness replaces hatred.

…when the beauty of life draws us into the Divine.

…when His courage within us compels us to live our truth. …

…when we encounter the face of the stranger, the refugee and the child in faith.

Peace in this Lenten journey,

Fr. Ron

2 thoughts on “The Fifth Sunday of Lent: My cover art and column

  1. Thanks for all the reminders of how to live the gospel well. I haven’t done such a good job of that this Lent, but I will redouble my efforts this next couple of weeks—in hopes that I can also “see Jesus” in my daily life!

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