Easter Sunday: Cover art and column

April 1, 2018 Bulletin Cover

“Easter” Painting by: Ronald Raab, CSC

Dear Believers in the Christ,

Our hearts hasten to the tomb this Easter day along with Mary Magdalene, John, the Beloved and Peter. We rub our eyes in disbelief because it is difficult for us to realize after everything Jesus went through that his dead body would be missing. This simple act of discovery between a woman, two disciples and Jesus is the core of our faith. We still find it difficult to believe that such freedom is ours as well.

Easter is the remarkable experience that freedom, redemption and love makes a home within us. The empty tomb is a sure symbol that our hearts are filled with hope. This notion of the empty tomb is very difficult to wrap our brains around. Yet, it is our hearts that interpret Easter more clearly. Jesus’ pain, suffering and exhaustion bring new life for us. We shall find a new liberating view of the world and discover our place now in heaven through the view of Mary Magdalene, John and Peter.

Each of us is connected to Jesus’ suffering, passion, death, and resurrection through our baptism. This is the point of entry for our faith. Today, on Easter, we commit our lives once again to our belief that Jesus Christ is true hope and deliverance for our world. Today, we stand among those being baptized and find our home in the waters of new life. We learn how to belong to one another through living water, which becomes thicker than blood. This bond of baptism unites more closely that our family ties.

I pray that on this Easter day, you may find the healing and hope you desire. I pray that your heart may be cracked open enough to recognize the love God has for you. This is Jesus’ free gift. We do not earn our faith; it is not a commodity to be purchased. God is the gift freely given to us in Christ’s resurrection.

I realize that many people live very complicated lives.Many of you might not be able to find that anything is different today. You still need to pay bills, your housing rent is still due, your children are still fighting and your spouse is still considering a separation. There is still war, violence and arguments over guns. There is still corruptive power and the poor still do not have food and shelter. Many things are just as they were yesterday.

However, we cling to the Master who rose from the dead for you and for me. I cling to such hope for each and every one of you. Please know of my prayer for all of your questions and doubts, for all of your suffering and worries about tomorrow. Today is Easter and I am amazed at the beauty of life and tenderness of God. I have come to know and understand such things though my own personal prayer as well as standing at the altar here in the parish with all of you.

Easter makes our hearts sing as a sparrow in spring. On behalf of our parish staff and councils, thank you for all of your contributions, your talents and gifts in order to make our community a place of faith and service. Let us sing of the grandeur of God.

Easter Blessings,

Fr. Ron

4 thoughts on “Easter Sunday: Cover art and column

  1. You are a wonder! Your art work is a thing of beauty and your words bring strength to our minds, hearts and the spirit within us. Praise God for you and your ministry.

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