Third Sunday of Easter: Cover and Column

April 15, 2018 Bulletin Cover

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Dear Followers of the Risen Christ,

In this resurrection passage from Luke 24:35-48, Jesus says, “Peace be with you.” This is the second week now that our gospels invite us into such a mystery. These are the first words that Jesus says after the resurrection. These words remain brimful of love for us as well. This invitation brings to us an abundant source of reflection. Jesus asks us two vital questions today in the gospel, “Why are you troubled? Why do questions arise in your hearts?” Bring the peace of Jesus to your hearts, your thoughts and your actions in this Easter season. Here is a litany to help us reflect on the peace we long for in Christ Jesus.

Peace to you…

When the spark of love for your spouse has grown cold.

When you feel trapped by your family and caring for their needs.

When you tire of picking up after your children and feel resentment toward them.

When you are trapped between caring for an aging parent and your children.

When you are ensnared in self-loathing and you feel the world is an ugly place.

When it is easier for you to complain about others than support and encourage them.

When darkness covers your thoughts and hatred falls from your lips.

When you feel you have not received the respect you think you deserve.

When you are restless and negative and unsure.

When you feel more hopeless than engaged in love.

When you cannot find the words to compliment yourself or others.

When people just don’t seem to give you a break.

When your image of God becomes one of judgment and hatred.

When violence surrounds your soul and thoughts.

When you feel more comfortable with putting others down.

When you feel just a lack of inner peace and solace.

When hardness of heart has destroyed your friendships.

When the burdens of life reveal your temper.

When lack of charity has changed your attitude about yourself and others.

When stress is your only friend.

When violence seems to be growing within everyone.

When your negative judgments about other people grow stronger.

When we want to condemn and not embrace.

When we put some people on one side and other people on the other side.

When we blame others for their disease or addiction or difference.

When we feel we are better than others.

When we turn religion into a weapon of hate.

When the hardships of the world overwhelm you.

When we cannot surrender to the love of Jesus.

When our prayer is rote and routine.

When we feel we do not have time to pray.

When we no longer feel within our hearts the remedy of mercy and love.

When we postpone Easter joy.

When I ignore Jesus’ invitation to be in peace and at peace.

When my troubles rise up stronger than his peace.

When hope eludes me.

The resurrection of Jesus heals us, from the inside out, from our inner struggles into becoming people of hope and faith. Allow Jesus to offer you such peace.

Peace, the real peace of Jesus be with you,

Fr. Ron


1 thought on “Third Sunday of Easter: Cover and Column

  1. Dear Fr. Ron, thank you for these reflections. As I pray my way through them, I focused on my breathing and said the Jesus prayer. Jesus’ peace is both a balm, and a gift of courage to grow through these difficult problems in His name. Happy Easter and God bless you always!

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