Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Cover art and column

June 10, 2018 Bulletin Cover

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Dear Believers in Christ,

I wrote this litany to be sung during the communion procession for our Dedication on May 23, 2018. Pray this for our parish, for all of us who long to live in the house of the Lord.

Litany for Dedication of Sacred Heart Church

Response: I shall live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.

I rest my weariness in the heart of the Lord.

I find solace in the embrace of the Shepherd.

I abide in his kindness and healing grace.

I relax in the hope of my salvation. Response

I discover my spirit revived in the Heart of Jesus.

I lay my failure down by his soothing words.

I empty my frustrations at the feet of the Shepherd.

I sleep under the protection of his staff. Response

I ask for his abundant mercy and kindness.

I seek his face and his tender embrace.

I know his gentle ways and rich blessings.

I ache for his voice and his hope for me. Response

I know he desires the best for me.

I collect his words of hope in my silence.

I live his commands and he listens to my story.

I request his forgiveness and he gives me courage. Response

We bring our wounds into his presence.

We celebrate his vitality and strength.

We embrace the healing message of our Shepherd.

We enter the mystery of our Risen Savior. Response

We offer the next generation his forgiveness and healing.

We baptize in the message of Jesus, Risen from the dead.

We open our hearts to the consolation of the Holy Spirit.

We pray for our future under the protection of our Shepherd. Response

We abide in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We enter into the mystery of his loving Church.

We fall into the healing embrace of Jesus, the Sacred Heart.

We capture his message in our fragile hearts and souls. Response

We follow His pastures of forgiveness and peace.

We fear no evil when we turn to the Tender Shepherd.

We feast at the Table of Heaven here on earth.

We adore the face of the Sacred Heart in the Eucharist. Response

We walk with blameless hearts into a fragile world.

We encounter his peace in his gospel and hope among his people.

We give others the love we receive in our common worship.

We praise the gift of our salvation in the House of the Lord. Response

Under his roof we find our home in love.

Under his roof we give praise well beyond our pain.

Under his roof we mark our bodies with the sign of salvation.

Under his roof we sing the praise of God. Response

Under his roof we long for His peace in our world.

Under his roof we praise his glorious presence.

Under his roof we seek his tenderness and sweetness.

Under his roof we pray in sheer delight. Response

Under his roof we prepare for our future.

Under his roof we pray as one family.

Under his roof we lift up our hearts in the Heart of Jesus.

Under his roof we remain at home in his Word. Response

Under his roof we celebrate with Bread and Wine.

Under his roof we form our children in faith and integrity.

Under his roof we bury our dead. Under his roof we baptize our children. Response

Under his roof we pray for the end of war.

Under his roof we accept his peace and comfort.

Under his roof we learn to feed the hungry.

Under his roof we raise up our lives in worship and praise. Response

Under his roof we make God known, loved and served.

Under his roof we live life only in gratitude and justice.

Under his roof we bend our knees in humility and prayer.

Under his roof we pray at home with one another. Response

1 thought on “Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Cover art and column

  1. Dear Fr. Ron,
    What a beautiful LItany! I can imagine this sung by a choir, with the refrain sung continuously with individual voices chanting these refrains in a sort of ‘recitative’ style! I remember when the new cathedral opened here in Los Angeles, I felt like it was boxy and empty. It was only when I saw a small Hispanic man pray so fervently one day that I realized: the prayer and experience of God that people bring to this place will truly make it holy! Congratulations, Ron!

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