Prayer for Immigrants: Our Home, When Life Divides Us

I composed this prayer for a benefit album being produced this weekend in California for awareness and the physical, social and spiritual needs of our immigrants. Please pray this prayer especially for our children. 


Our Home, When Life Divides Us


O God, of arduous journeys,


You create your home in our hearts


When violence shackles our hope,

When despair colors our dreams,

When fear wounds our tomorrows,

When systems divide our families,

When exhaustion takes our breath.


For your face


Gives us hope when we are lost,

Gives us serenity when we are conflicted,

Gives us direction when we do not know where to turn,

Gives us comfort when we are bruised,

Gives us courage when darkness arrives.


For your presence satisfies


Like refreshing rain upon the desert,

Like healing balm upon our bruised bodies,

Like swaddling clothes for our weeping children,

Like honey on our parched lips,

Like cool breezes upon our souls.


For you save us


When walls separate us,

When grief ensnares us,

When hunger overwhelms us,

When fear halts us,

When doubt trips us.


O God, invite us home to your heart


Our place of rest,

Our place of peace,

Our place of love,

Our place of unity,

Our secure home at last.




1 thought on “Prayer for Immigrants: Our Home, When Life Divides Us

  1. Beautiful–I join your prayers for the people in Washington to stop treating people like objects that can be boycotted, warehoused, shipped around and become victims of the systems –without clear hope of reunion, recourse, relief.

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