O, Sacred Heart: A prayer for home


“O, Sacred Heart” Painting by: Ronald Raab, CSC

O, Sacred Heart,

Comfort our grieving families,

Searching through the rubble left on burned lands,

Where home once stood,

Where shelter calmed fear,

Where a house provided security for children.


O, Sacred Heart,

Unite our families on our nation’s boarder,

Searching through the rubble we created from fiery politics,

Urchins in the arms of mothers fleeing abuse,

Infants forgetting the breast,

Bring them home to the warm embrace of their parents.


O, Sacred Heart,

Guide us when suicidal thoughts spark fires,

Tend to us when job loss burns away our future,

Comfort us when death of a loved one numbs our hearts,

Console us when fear rips through our relationships,

Shelter us when our earthly homes cease to exist.


O, Sacred Heart,

Chase us down, who desire you,

Who beg for your Heart’s fire,

To calm our fear and welcome our grief,

For you create a shelter,

In which we all find our home.

3 thoughts on “O, Sacred Heart: A prayer for home

  1. Father what a beautiful prayer connected to all that hurts our hearts in theses days of such sorrowful news for so many of our neighbors. Thank You

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