“O, Maria”: The Assumption of Mary


“O, Maria” Painting of grandmother gazing upon the sky: Ronald Raab, CSC

“O, Maria

I see you in the sky

Clothed with the sun

And I hear you and

The promises God gave you


The Father told you that the poor

Shall be lifted up

Maria, I am poor, too,

And my grandbabies

They crossed the boarder

Eating sand

Their shirts ripped off their backs

From the barbwires

Trying to keep them poor


Now, Maria, I look up

Where you are

And I pray for my family in the dirt

I do not know where my grand-babies are

But I know you see them from the sky

You watch out for us

In the dirt, the sand and the heat

In the unknown


Please, Maria, look down on me

‘Cause I want to be with you

To be where you are

You know where your Son is

You remember His face

I don’t want to forget my children

And their children

I wish I could cross the boarder to heaven

And see you beautiful robes

To be welcomed among the people

The Father lifts up.”

3 thoughts on ““O, Maria”: The Assumption of Mary

  1. Wow-that beautiful poem about Our Lady and the grandmother crying for her grandchildren really brought it home didn’t it?

  2. YES! poem and the plaintive painting of the reflection of all seperation suffering Marias—my heart aches, but to think of their anguish–A

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