Saint Andre Bessette: Video clip from “God’s Doorkeeper”

Brother Andre died on January 6, 1937. He was canonized on October 17, 2010. I invite you to view this six-minute clip from “God’s Doorkeeper,” an hour long documentary of Brother Andre, created by Salt and Light Media in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The documentary clip is the portions taped at Saint Andre Church in Portland, OR. Permission granted for this clip from Salt and Light Media.

Saint Andre’s memorial is January 6. However, because today is Sunday, it is celebrated tomorrow, January 7. We will show the full documentary today after the 9am Mass at Sacred Heart Church. Below is the clip:



Saint Andre Bessette: Painting by Ronald Raab, CSC. Image published in AIM Magazine 2018

Saint Andre held people’s suffering in his heart. He met hundreds of people daily. He slept only a few hours nightly because he spent the night praying for people whom he had met that day.

Andre is a spiritual mentor of mine. I ache for such healing in our world today. I pray for the mentally ill, the desperate poor, the lonely heart and the angry soul to meet the promise of God’s love and healing grace.

Today, I invite you to pray for such healing, for your own life and for those whom you have never met. Saint Andre, pray for us.

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