Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time: Prayers of the Faithful

Version 3

February 24, 2019

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Let us pray to silence the clutter of division and gossip in our lives, especially the voices that ring out fear. Let us listen instead to the love God has for us, even among those with whom we disagree.

We pray to the Lord.

Let us pray for our Universal Church in these times of distress. For our leaders, for all clergy, that they speak the truth, be accountable for their wrong actions, and seek to lead with justice.

We pray to the Lord.

Let us pray to be generous with our words and more kind in actions toward our enemies. Let us recognize the beauty of life even among those who challenge us. Forgive and you will be forgiven.

We pray to the Lord.

Let us pray for people who are weary from grief and loss. We pray for members of our families who suffer from cancer, from depression and from the turmoil of stress and misfortune. We pray to measure only with love and hope.

We pray to the Lord.

Let us pray for miracles of unity and generosity. Let us come to terms with people who dispute our faith and our perspectives on life. Let us believe in the graciousness of all life and in the Divine love for every person.

We pray to the Lord.

Let us pray on earth for our loved ones in heaven. We pray for all who have died in our families and communities. At this Mass…

We pray to the Lord


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