1 thought on “Fifth Sunday of Lent: Homily from 7:30am Mass

  1. Dear Ron, I’m here working late and listened to your homily. I wish the homilies I hear these days even rose to half of the richness of your analogies and images! As I listened to your words about examining what stones we hold on to, my heart became heavy as I realized that it’s easy to throw stones, rather than look for that tenderness. “if Jesus does not condemn, why should we?” I love the way Jean Vanier has been a shining light for you, ever since we read “The Followers of Jesus” at the Novitiate! When i listen to you, I imagine a cake, with various layers, and at the end you offer us a slice that has a bit of each layer in it! Thank you for sharing, and keep up this good work. I ask along with you, “where am I going”? I’m with those “Followers of Jesus” 🙂 Another Holy Week…another opportunity to sing God’s praises. I have been asked to sing the “Exhultet” this year, and I’ll be thinking and praying for you! “Give us Ron Raabus” ! 🙂

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