The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart 2019


“The Sacred Heart”: This image was published in AIM Magazine, World Library 2018. Painting by: Ronald Raab, CSC

“What if

Our hearts were broken open enough

To finally realize the beauty of life

For all people

Like those who washed up

On our shore floating face down

Or what if we recognized

How difficult life is for

Our single mothers who

Cannot afford healthcare for

Their newborns or what

If our hearts were tender enough

To walk with our children

Who are so angry with their

Fathers in prison or

What if we finally let

Go of our prejudice toward

People whose skin color

Threatens us or maybe today

On the feast of the heart we

Might find art and poetry

Help us get to a religion that

Will free people and not put them

Down or what if we could have

Honest conversations with people

Across opposite aisles or

What if our hearts were free enough

To listen to the love flowing

From the Sacred Heart of

Christ Jesus?”

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