Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: My bulletin column


Please note: You can find our bulletin now online at our new website:   Also, I am taking a break from my art for the bulletin covers for a few months. The covers are provided by LPI, our bulletin publisher. 


Dear Followers of Jesus,

In Luke 10:1-12, 17-20, we hear about the disciples being sent into the world. Jesus tells them that the harvest is abundant and yet the labors are few. We are to carry very little with us, just the essentials. We bring “peace” into every household.

The gospel today reflects the continuing mission of the Eucharist and the Church itself. The Mass gathers people in faith. We come back to the familiar four walls of our church build-ing to celebrate Eucharist and to share stories of our salvation history. However, there is an aspect of our Mass that is extremely important. Even the word, “Mass” comes from the word “dismissal.” Every Sunday we “gather,” but how are we “sent” into the world?

Jesus sends us into an uncertain world today just as he did with his disciples. We are to see with razor sharp vision the needs of other people. We are to hear with the ears of the Shepherd to listen to the needs of people. We are to be swift in action, discerning as a wise man. We are to enter the deep and confusing issues of our day and bring the peace, love and fulfillment of the Kingdom of Heaven.

We often get lost thinking that we need to hoard the truth of Jesus, holding tightly to the Church’s vision and grace for only ourselves, or living in a bubble of self-protection in the Church. The Church is not meant to become a museum. It is not meant for us to think that grace in the Church was just in the good ‘ole days. It cannot be stuck in the Middle Ages or in 1950. The Church is meant to flourish and be given away by us to those most in need.

We are to do what Jesus became for us. We are to comfort people in their sorrow because he rose from the dead. We are to feed people with the basics of life because he feeds us eve-ry Sunday. We are to heal the sick because we are healed in Christ’s love and presence. We are to shelter people because he has prepared a dwelling in heaven for each of us. The Kingdom of God has many facets and each of these under-standings about the Kingdom of Heaven must become how we serve people on this earth.

Jesus even challenges us that life here can really change. We can bring new perspectives about war, violence and threats in our midst. Our peace making can become a way of life if we humble ourselves in his Word and Eucharist. Peace is hard to come by within our hearts and minds. Peace is something that we work for but first we must become instruments of peace. How many Christians do you know who are truly at peace and who reveal peace in all of their encounters? We have work to do now.

Jesus sends us into the world after every Sunday Mass. How do we notice in our world if the Mass is taking action? It might very well be up to us to reveal such love, peace and hope for people here on earth.


Fr. Ron


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