Solemnity of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2019


“The Assumption of Mary” Watercolor by: Ronald Raab, CSC August 2019



Prayer/poem based on today’s gospel, The Magnificat. On this day we shall hear that God’s promises to Mary are also for us. Today, we sing at the top of our human voices for a home in heaven. 



And we shout out-and-out:


Souls and bodies sing

Of God and miracles

And we can’t stop


For God has looked me in the eyes and

I have not shied away this time


His name is far reaching

Beyond my imaginings and abilities


Every day he comes to me in the dark

Untying fear


I am part of his loving plan


His body is my strength and his bounty fills me

He shuns those who think they’re cool

He doesn’t tolerate those whose noses are long

Raised eyebrows reveal their disdain 


God counts me among the needy when

I get over myself


My stomach sings after last week’s bread

And he hears me every time


God is no slot machine of hope

No one has enough coins any way


He remembered my grandpa and

His earthly blood flows

Even within me


Mercy is medicine and I just got

An insurance card

He loves and heals me too


This I ache to text my kids

I know he waits for me in









3 thoughts on “Solemnity of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2019

  1. I love this poem, Ron, every line could be the source of a homily topic! I do enjoy this watercolor of Mother Mary, as she is assumed into heaven, without robes but radiating her total giving of herself to God, as we must also do. It’s beautiful! -Dan

  2. I have set with the painting and poem for the past few days. I am able to see me in the painting when I am in need of answer to life, when I hurt and feel alone and I know God is always there, and when my heart is bursting with God’s Love and I just want shout and praise Him. My prayer for all people is that they may feel the love of God and start to love as He loves us.
    Thank you Father Ron for the painting and poem They both spoke to me.

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