The Twenty- Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Prayers of the Faithful

Version 2

October 13, 2019

Let us pray for vigorous leadership in our Church. May our voices ring with thanksgiving for the beauty of faith and life.

We pray to the Lord.

Let us come back to the face of Jesus with grateful hearts. May we never stray from the voice and face of our Master who gives us hope and wholeness.

We pray to the Lord.

Let us touch the suffering of those who cannot bear their pain. May we seek God’s healing for those who cannot help themselves, for those especially in need of healthy relationships, sobriety and mental health.

We pray to the Lord.

Let us pray for those with severe acne, those with skin cancer, those who have suffered any disease, burn or disfigurement of the skin. For God’s healing touch.

We pray to the Lord.

Let us pray to approach Jesus with only gratitude no matter how much suffering has taken its toll. May our misfortunes, our divorces, our negative attitudes and words, be transformed into thanksgiving.

We pray to the Lord

Let us pray for our beloved dead. May our praise of salvation reach our heavenly home. In this Mass…

We pray to the Lord.

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