Matthew 1:1-17 Drawing and Prayer


“Our Ancestors in Faith” Drawing Ronald Raab, CSC 2016

O God,

You birth hope within us through our ancestors in faith

And in our heritage of the Holy Spirit.


Waters of baptism are thicker than blood,

And the gift of the Spirit’s breath opens life beyond our human limits.


We have inherited love beyond measure,

And we wait for the Second Coming of your Son.


Teach us once again that your tenderness reaches

Beyond any human power or national border or possession.


Show us that your love wins

Beyond our threats of war and violence,

Beyond our bullets and our hatred.


Help us sink deeply into faith

Our real identity that is your love where

The waters of peace and justice flow through us

And where we are washed clean.




2 thoughts on “Matthew 1:1-17 Drawing and Prayer

  1. Hi Carol Ann, Since you are always blessing us with beautiful pictures and paintings….. I thought you might like this. The pastor at, I think, Sacred Heart near my daughter in Colorado Springs. I stumbled across his blog and have been enjoying his paintings and also his reflections and poems. Hope you have a Merry Christmas 🎄💕🙏

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  2. Dear Father Ron, Thank you so much for faithfully allowing your rich spirituality to manifest in tangible ways…the fruits of which can be gleaned by countless others. Yes! The waters of Baptism are thicker than blood! Amen.

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