Saint Andre Bessette 2020: My Reflection from FaithND



Click here to read my reflection in FaithND for today’s memorial of Saint Andre Bessette. FaithND is a commentary on the gospel for each day of the week from the University of Notre Dame. Sign up for daily email here. 

Saint of the Day from Franciscan Media is also another resource for daily Mass and the celebrations of the saints. Click here for an audio reflection of Saint Andre Bessette.

Click here to view my commentary in the documentary from Salt and Light Media from 2010. This is used with permission.


Here is my prayer from yesterday’s parish bulletin:

Saint Andre,

Welcome me at the threshold,

When I am lost.


Offer me tenderness and solace,

When I am tired.


Remind me I belong

When I am orphaned.


Guide me to Saint Joseph

When I am far from home.


Bring forgiveness to my heart

When I feel most unworthy.


Reveal Jesus’ healing touch

When I hurt and am alone.


Touch my pain,

When I wait to be healed.


Saint Andre Bessette, pray for us!


Blessings to you,

Fr. Ron




2 thoughts on “Saint Andre Bessette 2020: My Reflection from FaithND

  1. I subscribe to the ND Gospel reflections so I had the joy of reading this reflection twice today. I learned of him on a Gray Lines bus tour of Montreal and was very moved.

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