Rev. William Neidhart, CSC (1924-2020)


Rev. Bill Neidhart, CSC

Fr. Bill Neidhart, CSC has died.

Fr. Bill was a genuine leader. He understood his skills and talents as well as his shortcomings. He relied on the faith and leadership of his parishioners. He led with a great sense of humor but more importantly with a deep and honest faith and humility. He served as pastor in the Congregation of Holy Cross for over twenty consecutive years in three parishes in Indiana and California.

He also was a lot of fun to be around. I was one of his associate pastors in Burbank, California. He always teased me about sports, especially after I picked the winner of a Kentucky Derby. We laughed out loud at dinner tables and in sacristies. He came to me for advice and I came to him for wisdom. We prayed for healing among our parishioners and we shared abundant food, laughter and kindness at our evening meals. He loved his priesthood. He loved the People of God. He loved the vision of Vatican II and he took seriously his preaching and beauty of the gospels. He was a man of prayer and sought the consolation and teachings of spiritual directors. He loved God and I still pray that I might love leadership and people has he did.

I am so grateful to be counted among those who served with Bill Neidhart. Be at rest, my brother. Be at peace, now and forever.



5 thoughts on “Rev. William Neidhart, CSC (1924-2020)

  1. 96 years old? – how beautiful! And holy man who was on board with the vision of Vat II. Wow! We need more of those. I am looking forward to meeting him when we too shall be called home. Fr. Bill, pray for us. Thank You Heavenly Father for the gift and witness of this noble son of Yours who sought eagerly to walk with You. May the euphoric joy he now experiences in the fullness of Your Presence overflow as a tsunami of intercessory graces for us pilgrims still here on earth. Amen

  2. Oh Ron what a great picture! Fr. Bill was at St. Francis Xavier when my son Armand attended school there, what a good man and good priest! God bless him and Holy Cross.

    • Fr Bill was my mentor 12 years ago. I learned so much from him. He was truly loved by so many of us. Well done good and faithful servant. R.I.P

  3. Fr. Bill was one of my all time favorite priests. He was the same age as my dad and I always thought of him as a father figure. Once when he was visiting in Burbank, I picked him up in my red VW convertible and drove us to Marie Callender’s for dinner. He was so easy to be around, so personable, so friendly and human. Rest In Peace , Fr. Bill. Please pray for me. I will see you in heaven someday.

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