Ash Wednesday 2020: Prayers of the Faithful

Version 4

Ash Wednesday

Let us pray to seek Christ Jesus in prayer, fasting and almsgiving during our Lenten journey. We pray to receive our rewards from a life self-giving.

We pray to the Lord.

Let us not blare a trumpet for our own skills and talents to be noticed, but let us listen to the subtle voice of Jesus calling us into integrity and peace.

We pray to the Lord.

Let us become hungry for self-awareness and to serve the needs and hungers of others. May we create tables of welcome for the stranger and tables of honest conversations for our families.

We pray to the Lord.

Let us work diligently for justice in our communities, to generate honest work for those in need of a daily wage, to create homes for people living outside, and to share with our children a passion for all that is good and loving.

We pray to the Lord.

Let us pray for a Lenten season of integrity for all who lead the Church, for all who are lost in faith, for all who do not know how to pray, and for all who wait to find the love of Christ Jesus.

We pray to the Lord.

Let us pray for our friends and family members who have died, that their journey may now end viewing the face of Jesus Christ in heaven. In this Mass…




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