Prayer in Times of Worry, 2020

Version 3


I stockpile my worries.

I hoard fear within me.

My childhood boogie man is under my bed.


I crate fear.

I store more fear than toilet paper.

My 401k melts before my eyes,

My children play innocently in the next room.

Not sure how I will support them.

I want the carefree souls they have.

I am jealous as hell.


I am afraid for those I love.

I fear death’s dark day.

My neighbor’s Christmas lights shine again.

I can’t see the light at the end.

I can’t see the glimmer within me.


I want to purchase another gun

But I know I can’t protect myself with weapons.

I am ready for a HAZMAT suit

But it will not protect my restless heart.


I fear my isolation.

I don’t know how to spend my time.

I want to look beyond me

But I am hoarding food.

Let other people earn their bread.

I want mine.

I want everything.

I deserve everything I own.


I blame politicians.

I blame God.

I blame the sneeze.

I blame the cough.

I blame my neighbor’s handshake.

I blame the media.

I blame the doctors.

I blame the fear.

I blame.


I can’t go to a movie.

I can’t watch sports.

I can’t shop for clothes.

I can’t even go to church.


Jesus, where can I go?


I know. I know. I don’t want to admit it.

I can go to you.

For protection,

For hope,

For love,

For creativity,

For a generous spirit,

For a way of giving and not hoarding,

For seeing beyond my entitlement,

Seeing that all my stuff is illusion.



I know. These are unique days.

These are the weeks

To give you time to love me.

I know.

You will change my heart

And welcome my hand to serve others.




6 thoughts on “Prayer in Times of Worry, 2020

  1. Thanks, Fr. Ron, this is what we all need to hear! We are all so on edge now and this is the time when our faith is so important. As St. Peter said, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” We’ll all get through this if we keep our focus on Our Lord: “Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who inspires and perfects our faith”. Much love and many prayers for you! -Danny Z-man

  2. Wow, you prayed it all! Please keep reminding us of all the ways we can go to our God in prayer.

    I’ve been walking a lot with a very good Christian friend, and at some point in the walk we always talk about how blessed we are. We don’t allow ourselves to leave each other on a negative note so I can truly say, “Our walk is our prayer and our prayer is our walk.” It is our way of being one with God and giving each other hope for all the good that will come out of this time.

    I wish you all a grateful and hope filled heart.

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