Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows: Prayers in Time of Worry


“Mary, The Mother of Sorrows” Finger Painting by: Ronald Raab, CSC

This finger painting of Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, is intense. In fact, it is almost too raw for our encounter and prayer. However, this is exactly what came from my fingers. This time in history seems almost inconsolable. In our common humanity, we are facing much suffering and hardship. We are faced with the unknown, suffering confronts us if we want to encounter it or not. This is not the time for despair. This is the time in which we need God the most. So I offer you, Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, to help us all bear the mystery of suffering. Mary stood by her Son, she stood next to suffering. She even held her dead Son, Jesus, before the disciples placed him in the tomb.

Before we celebrate the Triduum next week, I invite you to email us your prayers so that Fr. Randy and I can bring them to the altar. There is much going on in our communities and world. Please send us the specific prayers that you want to place at the Foot of the Cross. Please email us those prayers that you entrust to Mary to intercede for us. Please email us at: 

Here are some prayers and thoughts to help you ponder your own heart.

For my quick instinct to judge and lash out at my children because I am really afraid right now. Help me find peace when I have to keep hope alive at home. We pray to the Lord.

For my neighbor who resists help from people. I know she is afraid. Please, Lord, help us learn again to not be afraid to reach out to people. Help us not build more walls with fear. We pray to the Lord.

For my grandson who grieves the loss of his senior year at college, his graduation and his goodbyes. Help him, Lord, find stability in the unknown of this new economy. We pray to the Lord.

Help, Jesus, with those who are on the frontlines of this virus. I pray today, that no one has to die alone, that more healthcare workers can be found, that rest may restore nurses and aids and doctors. We pray to the Lord.

Mary, I don’t know if I can stand by the suffering we are facing. I have lost my retirement, my fear keeps me up at night, and people are unnerved. Help me with your patience as you stood with your Son, Jesus. Jesus, I long for your Divine Mercy. We pray to the Lord.

Mary, help my family tell the truth of how this moment in history is challenging them. I see panic in my boy’s eyes. I see sadness in my daughter’s spirit. She is supposed to go to college orientation in June and begin her new education in August. We simply can’t afford it all right now. Help me stand, Mary, among the thorns of uncertainty. We pray to the Lord.

So, email us your prayers, from the loud cries of your uncertainty, from the hidden moments of your fear so Father Randy and I can pray them during the Triduum and Easter:

2 thoughts on “Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows: Prayers in Time of Worry

  1. A most beautiful painting so full of Or Mother’s Sorrow. Our Mother Mary met Jesus on the way to the Cross. She could not stop Him that is the reason He came into the world. She stood by Him and held His dead Body in her arms. Look at the joy she received on the Third Day. We must keep that day in our hearts that we will have a joy one day. I pray for all people for courage beyond our strength. patience and perseverance. Our Lady of Sorrows help us.

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