5 thoughts on “Palm Sunday 2020: “Praying for you…”

  1. Hello, My husband and I talked to you after Mass while visiting our daughter in C/S. We are from Michigan. We have been there quite regularly over the years. I enjoy your posts and art. Also our pastor showed a film on St. Andres, and lo and behold you were in the movie. Such a small world. I feel closer to my daughter and granddaughter when I read your posts and God too. Thank you!

  2. Hello Fr. Ron. Thank you for your moving and thought-provoking homilies. Yes, we are ready! May you have peace, body and soul renewal, and transformation as well this Holy Week. Blessings and smiles kind man of God!

  3. Oh, that picture of our little chapel–I dreamed of it last night. What a torn place of sorrow lingers at being excluded from our whole church, at this most essential time of the liturgical year. I’ll hold on to this image and be right there in spirit. Thank you for the daily readings and homilies and your so right-on prayers. You get us! Know that we pray to be able to understand what this time exacts from you and Fr. Randy–all clergy–knowing the needs and not being able to fully minister to them.
    The art has been especially significant, Lisa would be proud of the finger painting!! I told her of your Christ in a mask.
    Pax, my Friend, A

  4. Hi Father Ron. Curt and I are really inspired by your weekly homilies. Thank you so much for feeding our souls. We miss our church.

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