Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows 2020

September 15, 2020

Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, offers us a tender image of faith. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, stood next to the cross of Jesus. Zachariah foreshadowed such a death after Jesus’ birth. Mary spent her entire life lifting up the suffering of Jesus. She was unable to change the course of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection. She beheld for the rest of us that pain and suffering lead us to Kingdom love. Her motherhood gives hope even today.

I have lived my priesthood deepening this image of Mary in prayer. She speaks to me. She consoles me. This image offers me a healing balm when my own life is unsteady and unsure. She speaks loudly across the generations. All mothers seem to understand such a place and posture in their lives with their children.

I remember as a child my own mother coming to the bathroom in the middle of night when I was sick. She held my forehead. I still hold such a gesture in my heart. This was truly a mother’s place in the course of raising a child. I can still feel her hand on me when I am ill today.

Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, is the Patroness of the Congregation of Holy Cross. She gives us consolation and helps us witness to the suffering of people. At Sacred Heart Church, there are several images of pierced heart of Mary with seven swords. The Seven Sorrows in the gospel reveals the many times Mary witnessed the suffering of her son.

I cling to the image that Mary stood next to suffering. This has become one of my sure foundations for ministry. I claim this posture in my priesthood when I anoint a child who is dying or steady my thumb to anoint a dying parishioner who I know has given his or her entire life to raising children and believing in Jesus.

I remember my twenty years of ministry among people with HIV/AIDS. In those early years, it was the mothers who would contact me to pray with their child. The mothers wanted the best for such suffering, especially when they felt so powerless because there was no remedy or cure. I have walked with many mothers to the graves of their children. They not only rely on Mary for help but also have become such witnesses in our world.

I pray for our children sleeping on concrete at our borders, perhaps we can go beyond the political and see them as Mary views them. Perhaps we can see again our children being trafficked around the world. We can really see differently even the mothers and daughters who survive the violence of war or the starvation from poverty.

I pray Mary will hold the racial tensions we face today in her care. I pray she will ease the hatred we hold under our skins for those whose skins also know Jesus. I pray she bends our hearts toward her Son, Jesus. I pray she will teach us how to live among those who have lost loved ones to the pandemic, those who need care to rebuild from fires. I pray she will wipe all hatred and blame from our hearts. I pray she will walk with us to political elections and open our hearts to see what Jesus sees. I pray she will help us mend the divides of the Church. I offer prayers and intercessions today that she will show us all how to stand next to suffering and not condemn the sinner, the outcast. I know I cannot change the horrific suffering of the world, but I can learn from Mary how to hold the hand of those who need me at the hour of death. I pray today that Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows will teach us all how to stand next to people’s suffering and help us all redeem every aspect of suffering in her son, Jesus.

Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, is not a pietistic notion of faith, but she is a real model for how to live our lives in Christ Jesus. She becomes a radical mother bringing mercy and tenderness to lives when suffering cannot be changed. She could not fix Jesus. She could not take his pain away. However, she gives us the joy of putting our faith into practice among the vulnerable and lonely.

Lean into the mystery of Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows,

Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows: Painting by: Ronald Raab, CSC 2020

3 thoughts on “Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows 2020

  1. Tears well up in my eyes as I gaze at this painting. My life changed when I thought of Mary looking at Jesus on the Way of The Cross and knowing she could not change it. I began to understand how to walk with suffering and know she and her Son are at my side.
    Thank you for this beautiful reflection.l

  2. GOD BLESS you RON , keep the good work „Svemogući Bože, čije ruke upravljaju svime što živi

    daj mi milost uspjeha u mom današnjem poslu.

    Pomozi mi kako bih mogao usmjeriti svoje misli

    i održati pozornost u onome što radim kako bih došao do uspjeha.

    Bdij nada mnom i vodi moje radnje

    kako ne bih pokvario njihovo savršenstvo.

    Pokaži mi kako mogu dati sve od sebe

    i ne daj da prezirem trud koji je potreban da to postignem.

    Učini moj život uspješnim,

    kako bih u svakoj dužnosti koju mi povjeriš,

    učinio dobro.

    Blagoslovi me svojom pomoći i vodstvom

    i sačuvaj me od neuspjeha

    u Isusovo ime.


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