10th Anniversary of the Canonization of Saint Andre Bessette: October 17, 2020

10th Anniversary of the Canonization of Saint André Bessette

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On Sunday October 17, 2010, Pope Benedict canonized the first member of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Brother André Bessette. Alfred (André) Bessette was born near Montreal, Canada on August 9, 1845. He was sickly, poor, and a man of faith. When he joined the Congregation of Holy Cross, he was assigned to serve as porter. He welcomed people at the door for over forty years. His hospitality turned into healing the sick and offering consolation for the hungry, the destitute, and crippled. He died on January 6, 1937. Please visit our website http://www.sacredheartcos.org to learn more about Brother André.

At Sacred Heart Church, a first-class relic of Saint André Bessette is housed in our new altar. His life as healer remains at the center of parish life and worship. His simplicity speaks boldly today as we ache for healing from a pandemic and the violence of our divided society. Through the intercession of Saint André, pray for healing for our loved ones who have died of COVID-19 and those who grieve. Pray for the healing of racial divides, for those who have lost jobs, for people who live outside, for the unborn, for reconciliation among families and those who survive domestic violence. Pray for our children who have lost hope. Ask Saint André to intercede to God for what your heart aches.

Saint Andre, pray for us:

You welcomed the lost.

                  Shelter those who travel in fear.

You embraced the weary.

                  Calm the storms of our anguish.

You lived simply.

                  Guide us through our complicated lives.

You healed the sick.

                  Give us hope when we are in pain.

You trusted Saint Joseph.

                   Open the door to God’s providence.

You embodied hope.

                   Give us respect for every human being.

You lived every day with body pain.

                    Heal our bodies during this pandemic.

You trusted your life to Jesus.

                    Show us how to live beyond selfishness.

You prayed for the ill.

                    Change our agony into courage.

You comforted the sinner.

                    Love us in our anguish.

You offered hospitality to all people.

                   Help us heal our racial divides.

You prayed during sleepless nights.

                  Reassure us when we are restless.

You were illiterate.

                   Help us read the signs of the times.

You were orphaned.

                   Form our communities with respect and dignity.

You were short in stature.

                   Pray that we may stand tall when politics wearies us.

You gave your life to others.

                  Guide us to build the Church on trust.

You allowed compassion to guide you.

                  Show us the tenderness of the Sacred Heart.


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