3 thoughts on “The Priest Magazine: November 2020, “The Tears of Our Grief”

  1. Dear Father Ron,
    I have sat in the pew at many of the services and when you sit and contemplate before you proclaim the Gospel and come down the steps to speak to the family I pray for you. I hear the grief and feel your pain and all that I am able to do is pray. I pray for priests at this time they are the rocks and mortar that keeps us going. Please know that we feel your pain and our hearts ache for our priests and all we are able to do is pray for them and smile under our masks to lift up their spirits. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary console us as we begin our day in prayer and ask for their Love to help us through another day.
    God’s Peace be with you and Our Lady of Sorrows watch over you.

  2. Hi Ron, I hope you are doing well! You are missed here!  I really appreciate receiving your blog entries. For some reason I didn’t receive your bulletin article for this coming Sunday, the 30th in Ordinary time. Is there anyway you could send it to me? I would be most grateful!  Please let me know when you can come for a visit…it is Covid safe and we are limiting the occupancy to only 8 individuals, no groups yet.  All my best!  Fraternal blessings! jack

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