2 thoughts on “Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time 2020: Scriptures and Homily

  1. Oh, thank you for reminding us of that simple but essential distinction–“our”–. I remember you telling that story to Lisa L. and I at lunch one day, and the impact it made, and how often I
    have used it with others. Pax, A

  2. I have set with this all week. I listened to it Sunday morning at Mass and have played it 3 times this week. Thank you Father for helping me to know God Loves Me. Loving ourselves is sometimes the most difficult thing to do. In my thoughts I believe we are all Our Poor. Each person is Poor in some way. I pray that we feel God’s Love and then be able to help others in some way. I need others to help me in the way I am Poor to feel God’s Love where I am in need. God help us all to help each other in whatever our need may be.

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