Thanksgiving Day 2020

He returned, glorifying God! Painting by: Ronald Raab, CSC 2020

CLICK HERE for today’s scripture readings for Thanksgiving Day.

God of Miracles,

You do not distance yourself

From our raw humanity.

We are yours,

No matter the art form of our language

Or the shades of our skin color

Or the chaos on our streets

Or the places we call home.

As we experience our common mortality

In this year of pandemic,

We look out from our isolation

To view your presence,

In the ICU unit with overwhelmed caregivers,

In the technology that brings to focus the faces we love,

In the ingenuity of small business owners,

In the grief, yes, even in the grief from illness and death.

Gracious God,

We learn from the scriptures about

These socially isolated men

Without work

Without respect

Without love and human touch.

In the face of your Son, Jesus

All were healed.

All ten where overwhelmed with joy

Because now their bodies did not hurt

And their loved ones could be near again.

One healed man

Came back grateful

To behold again the face of Jesus,

The face we long for even today.

In these days of chaos

And isolation

Help us all rejoice

As a nation and as individuals.

No matter our uncertainty.

We reach beyond bitterness today

To be grateful.

This hope is for today

And forever.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day 2020

  1. Thank you Jesus that you are with every person on earth all we need to do is ask you in.
    Thank you Father for the painting and and poem and your love and care for us.

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