Christmas Day 2020: Scriptures, Homily

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My dear followers of Jesus,

Jesus touched the earth. Mary’s womb opened and she birthed love in the darkness. The infant was mystery and miracle.  He was the promised Light. He brought hope to human flesh. He became love incarnate. His voice echoed heaven. His eyes revealed the mystery of the Father. His purpose was motivated by the Holy Spirit. His life would teach us everything about life and about death. In his swaddling clothes we saw the cloth from the future of the empty tomb. However, this is not only the past. Jesus is still revealing light in us. Miracles still bloom. The Word is still Flesh.

We all know that pain, in order for it to heal, needs to be touched. So, Jesus became a healer for us. He touched the separations of peoples. Jesus touched the world. He touched humanity’s profound pain. He touched our sin in his passion. His resurrection claimed new life for us all. In Jesus all life is still wonder and tenderness. This day, Jesus touches us. He heals. He reveals heaven.

We know we need to be touched in order to thrive. As humans, we need the assurance that we are not alone. In this pandemic, being touched by another human has been rare. A lack of touch seems so unimaginable. Yet, my dear believers, Jesus has touched the earth this day in you and in me.

Please, allow the love of God to touch your heart, your soul. This is Christmas Day. This is the moment in which we reach out from the barrenness of our hearts, from the turmoil on our streets, from the exhaustion of our health-care workers, from the despair of our restaurant owners, to the outpouring of love that is tucked in the corner of a cave, in the presence of child. His mystery flows in us from the wonder-place of heaven. A new earth is ours in faith.

Finding Christmas calls us to touch the pain of others. This is the Eucharist in the world. Justice thrives in our actions to name, to touch, to face the realities of life. In Jesus Christ, a new heaven and a new earth is born. The Word is among us.

God give you peace.

1 thought on “Christmas Day 2020: Scriptures, Homily

  1. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas Tree painting. This Gospel always touches my heart on Christmas Day. I read all the scriptures for all four Masses of Christmas, the vigil, Mass at midnight, Mass in the morning and Mass of the day. Touch has been the one thing that I long for this past year and I believe all people are hurting in this area of our life. I love God touched the earth and He is still among us our Hope. I hope that you had a most Blessed Day.

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