Cottonwood Center for the Arts: Art opening last evening May 7, 2021

I thank Cottonwood Center for the Arts for hosting my art show last evening. I am deeply grateful to those who attended the event. Over three hundred people viewed the original paintings. The issues of sexual abuse were seen last evening in the public square in light of faith. I look forward to May 23 when Cottonwood will host a parish reception from 2-4pm. I could have not imagined more last evening. Your comments and reflections around my art and “The Stations of the Cross in Atonement for Abuse and the Healing of All”…overwhelmed my heart.

6 thoughts on “Cottonwood Center for the Arts: Art opening last evening May 7, 2021

  1. So proud of you and how you gave yourself over to the creative spirit to take you into the chaos, pain and shame of the abuse issue, so long smothered in quiet. The pictorial results of painting in the Spirit are deeply compelling and would move a stone to serious reflection, and remorse. A

  2. Looking forward to your presentation on SACRED HEART ♥️ PRESENTATION RoseMary Hitchcock And Irene Kloos Sent from my iPhone


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