Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows 2021

Today is the Memorial of Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows. Our Mother of Sorrows is the Patroness of the Congregation of Holy Cross. i invite you to pray for our priests, sisters and brothers throughout the world who learn from Mary to stand among those who suffer and to hold a candle of hope amid the conflicts of life.

Mary, Sorrowful Mother, a sword pierced your heart seven times. You stood next to your son along the path to death. You stood up for him when people threatened him. You stood by him when people seized his reputation. You knew you could not change his course. You could not fix his pain or wish it away. You stood among his thorns. You stood among his nails. You could not mend his agony with mother’s kiss or bathe it away in tears.   

You teach us to stand among people’s pain. You show us to be present to love even when anguish overwhelms. You show us to stand with integrity even when we want to flee from pistols, disease, and hardship. You reveal fidelity in our hearts even when we blame people for their mental anguish or personal poverty. You challenge us to stand next to all who suffer no matter the cost or exhaustion. In peace, you stand with us next to love itself, Jesus Christ.

Mary, Our Mother of Sorrows, pray for us.

1 thought on “Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows 2021

  1. Mary our Sorrowful Mother, help us as we stand next to suffering in our lives and help those whom need our help in their sorrow.

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