A Christmas Creed 2021

A Christmas Creed 2021

I believe wild grace connects heaven and earth.

I believe miracles rouse crazy love.

I believe cooing children imitate angels.

I believe tears consecrate forgiveness.

I believe hearts shelter hope.

I believe relationships name holy families.

I believe radical epiphanies.

I believe baptism never ends.

I believe John the Baptist faces the Son.

I believe Isaiah paints word pictures of heaven.

I believe Mary births unending hope.

I believe Elisabeth and Zechariah voice unimaginable love.

I believe Anna and Simeon wait to embrace us.

I believe a sword pierces our hearts and egos.

I believe we ponder mysteries of heaven within us.

I believe hope is freedom.

I believe the cross and the crib hold miracles.

I believe wisdom rising from humility and sorrow.

I believe the gifts we offer are hidden within us.

I believe love melts fear.

I believe Light.

I believe Wisdom.

I believe Peace.

I believe God-among-us.

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