2 thoughts on “Monday of the Second Week in Lent, March 14, 2022: Reflection on Luke 6:36-38, Art

  1. Thank you Father Ron for these beautiful words. May all who have heard them take them to heart. May we all go out to those we meet and offer mercy, hope ,forgiveness and Love. May we have courage and persevere in these times. May we remember God is always with us every moment of every day ready to offer Mercy and Love to every person in the world. May we always keep our eyes on Him.

  2. “…we don’t control God’s mercy…” — “…not something we earn, but something we receive and something we become…” Thank you. Oh how I miss sitting at Mass and listening to this level of wisdom, so thank you for this presentation and opportunity to get some of that nourishment. Definitely worth the time to sit and listen!!

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