Preference for Pink, and Perserverance

We buried my mother 18 years ago today. This story still lives in me. The article was published in 2010.

Broken But Not Divided

Originally published by Ministry & Liturgy Magazine, September 2010
– PDF version –

I caught the shade of a large tree as I waited for people to arrive at the cemetery. A gentle breeze blew through the branches of the oak. We gathered on the sunny July morning to commit my mother to her grave. Her sister and brothers and their spouses sat in the folding chairs near the large hole in the earth. Large bouquets of white flowers were propped up against the casket waiting for us to say goodbye. My stoic body straddled the green artificial turf covering the mound of dirt that created the opening for my mother’s grave.

The warm breeze felt refreshing after wearing heavy vestments during the funeral at the church some miles away. The moment caught me in a loneliness that I will never forget. Here, in this time and place, this…

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2 thoughts on “Preference for Pink, and Perserverance

  1. Beautiful and inspirational. Thank God for your perseverance. You have a great gift in your ministry. God Bless

  2. Dear Fr. Ron, thank you for the last 9 years of priestly ministry at Sacred Heart! God Bless You on your new assignment, I will hold your intentions in my prayers!

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