8 thoughts on “Psalm 143: At daybreak, be merciful to me, O Lord.

  1. Yes, the Lord is merciful. He is walking with you in His power and glory! Stay strong in His presence! My prayers are with you continuously!

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  2. Psalm 000
    Lord, my tank is empty.
    I won’t make it much longer.
    It is time for a refill.
    Lord, I will praise your goodness forever.
    You give me life.
    Thanks to my Creator!!! (c 6/22)

  3. “In the mornin’, when I rise, in the mornin’ when I rise, in the morning when I rise, give me Jesus.” “Give me Jesus, give me Jesus, you can have all this world, give me Jesus”. May God’s mercy and peace enfold you Ron, as you continue your journey! My love and prayers are with you!

  4. I continue to pray for the discernment that you, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Cross Leadership will result in the utilization of your plentiful talents and gifts, challenges notwithstanding. May God bless you in the many ways you continue to bless us.

  5. The picture is beautiful. The cool morning air and the quiet and peace of the landscape. I saw the gold of the sunlight in the middle a sign that the light will overcome the darkness for all of us. May light overcome darkness for all people as we ask for His Mercy and Love and Peace fills our soul.

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