Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time: Luke 14:25-33, Reflection

Sunday September 4, 2022

Creating a scaffolding around the human heart in order to follow Jesus Christ takes a lifetime. For the structures created in grace are not of human making. The structures consist of becoming human, of knowing who we are in God and cooperating with God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness.

The scaffolding that surrounds our life plan must consist of deep faith in Jesus Christ. We are not just ragtag followers of a do-gooder. We become a reflection of his passion, death, and resurrection. The gift that holds our hearts in place no matter our fear, our panic or our loss, is becoming one with him in his loss and in his new life. If we take our faith seriously, then we will be able to reject what is not good for us and live in the freedom of God’s incredible love. This love may even take us beyond relationships with brother or sister.

The structures that hold our hearts in place consist of profound prayer, loving service to others, and a deep longing for our own lives to know who we are and whose we are. Many human events and circumstances get in our way. They tear down the hope that secures us. These patterns of addiction, false searching, people pleasing, and depression because of fear, shred the structures of love that hold us together.

In Luke 14:25-33, we come to understand that God’s love creates our lives from the beginning. The structure of God’s plan is ever before us. We live not in creating our own journey, but finally becoming the people we are meant to become in his name. Jesus Christ creates a scaffolding of love within us, the basic structure that constantly is at work in us to bring about the kingdom on earth. With God’s support and love in place, we will never be lost, we will never build a false hope within, and we will maintain the love that will finally bring us home.

God give you peace.


6 thoughts on “Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time: Luke 14:25-33, Reflection

  1. Thank you for continuing your Sunday gospel reflections. They are very profound, as I followed Henry Nouwen so, your’s have the very honest depth. Therese

  2. Thank you so much for your continuing words of wisdom, hope and love. We miss you and trust you are doing well and we know God has you wrapped in His loving arms. Blessings. Al and Carolyn

  3. Water gushes from the rock
    Forms a basin to drink, bathe, and play.
    Fluttered wings scatter
    Prismatic drops everywhere.
    Richard 9/22

  4. A short- tenured retirement from education brings me home. I return to a world where children have no shortage of physical, mental , emotional and/or social inabilities. It is an isolated existence of constant confusions and frustrations, the same chaotic noises that mute the cries of my disabled mind and heart . It is my solitude , where a tender touch or a loving smile radiate and bring to life Gods’s unfathomable love.

    Be well. Be safe. Be happy, Fr. Ron!

  5. Dear Fr Ron,
    We miss you dearly and pray for you. Thank you for teaching us to pray by exchanging our hearts with our Lord’s.
    The love I alone can give is inadequate and tainted. When I love through God’s own heart, that’s the only way we can be perfect. Thank you for teaching us that. Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ!

  6. A beautiful reflection to live with and work at everyday. I work on it everyday and wait for the day I will meet my Lord and My God. God give you peace.

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